DG7YBN 9el. Yagi Antenna for 23cm

A short and easy to build 23 cm Yagi designed by DG7YBN that provides a clean pattern and almost 14 dBi of gain. Boom is 3D printed to avoid mistakes with drilling and is divided to 2 parts for fit 3D printers bed. Super glue is used to glue parts togther and joint.stl is used to fix connection. Elements are from 3.2 mm Al welding rods. Dipole is from 4 mm brass rod. [Read More]

First Blog post

From 2006 till 2018 I had my Ham Radio blog on  blogger in Czech Language. Then I was active only on twitter. I decided to restart my publication about my current projects. The blog will be in English only and there will be longer technical articles. News about propagation, QSOs, and contests will be kept on twitter.